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The Throne

Thursday 5 – Saturday 7 September 2024

Join us in beautiful Winchester, England for a powerful time at His feet with Liz Wright, Dr Brian Simmons, and Justin Paul Abraham. Worship led by Thomas Davis, Anna Hamilton and Sam Udy.

“Jesus has shown me there is going to be an unprecedented expression of the authority of God coming through His people. For this reason, we are gathering at His invitation to experience Him as King.
I want you to come expectant because there is going to be a powerful activation encounter with Jesus as supreme authority, and an activation within YOU to steward His authority and implement His victory on the earth!
This is an invitation directly from the Lord’s heart. This is a holy gathering. As we sit at His feet together, He will open up the realm of the Throne to us. We will see Him as He is!
Prepare your hearts for encounter! For such a time as this…”

~ Liz Wright

Doors open at 6pm for Registration
Evening Session: Worship

Doors open at 9am
Morning Session: Justin Paul Abraham
Afternoon Session: Dr Brian Simmons
Evening Session: Liz Wright