In Winchester Guildhall

The Final Straw is a campaign asking local businesses to stop using single-use plastic straws.

The plastic straw is estimated to take 200 years to breakdown and when it isn’t sitting in landfills after use it makes its way to the oceans, posing serious threat to marine wildlife. Not only is it dangerous to wildlife but it can be dangerous to us. When plastic breaks down it turns to tiny pieces of micro plastic which can find its way into the food that we eat. Plastic also absorbs chemicals and then slowly releases them so the problem can go further than accidentally ingesting a tiny piece of plastic.  It has also been estimated that 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away every year in the UK suggesting that on average 130 straws are thrown away each year per person in the UK.

Here at Guildhall Winchester we have joined the Final Straw campaign and have stopped providing plastic straws at our functions and in our café. We now provide paper straws to those that would still like to use a straw as they break down much quicker and pose less of a threat to marine wildlife. We also have reusable takeaway cups for the café to minimise the use of single use cups.

Our Catering and bar services manager Martin Flint said:

“Plastic waste is a huge issue and one that we, at the Guildhall, are passionate about reducing. Small changes all add up so we’re proud to have taken the first step of many by replacing plastic straws with a paper alternative”.

We are thrilled to be joining the many businesses in Winchester dedicated to this issue and are proud to be doing our part to work towards changing the use of single use plastic and its effect on the environment.

Bapsy Hall